In st. Petersburg Metro – looks like an Art Gallery

In st. Petersburg Metro -  looks like an Art Gallery

Look at this Metro station! It looks like a palace. Chandeliers hanging and crown molding everywhere. I can’t believe these people take a metro like this everyday. Very Grandeur!

Just got off an 8 hour train ride, so no comments about hair please.

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Chastity- the lifestyle

Chastity is not just something you do once a day like brush your teeth and then it’s over. It has to be with you throughout the whole day in order to be pure from the contaminating aspects of this world. At any moment you might see something uncomfortable or hear something vulgar b/c of the world we live in today. That is why chastity has to be ingrained in you so it is always with you and you don’t have to consciously think about it. The problem is, it is not emphasized as much as ‘say no to drugs’ orĀ  ‘wear your seat belt.’ It is not seen as such a life threatening choice if not followed through. But it is b/c it effects how others look at you and how you look at others and the world around you. If your lifestyle is unchaste in a subtle way, say you wear short shorts. You are saying to those who see you that, I have a body I want to show you. You are also subconsciously thinking that way. You send the message that I want you to look at my body, accept me for my body, be attracted by my body, love me for my body. But who wants to be loved for their body? Is that where love should stand? People have come to think that is what will get them their future boyfriend/lover. But it also attracts the very dangerous sexual molesters who immediately want to take advantage of a girl/woman when they see that. It’s not a safe world and its not ‘their problem’ if they see your shorts as attractive. Its the general psychology of men to find a woman’s body attractive. Keeping that in mind, women should protect themselves from a man’s natural weakness and also see within herself that she is more than this body. She can express this by wearing conservative clothes and not trying to draw attention to herself. But a woman can do even more by making her mind clean and pure, for after that everything else falls into place.

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Chastity- Old fashion?

Chastity has been around a long time. Only recently has it been looked upon as something only uneducated or unadvanced people do. Take a look at all the people young people look up to today. None of them are chaste. The modern girls/women think that to be chaste and commit to one man their whole life is very stupid. They don’t want to be controlled or made to do things they don’t want to do. They think to be chaste means you are forced to be committed to someone, like religious groups which treat women as if they have no choice. They want their freedom, like children want freedom to play all day. But that is not good for children. Their are certain things in life which must be controlled; diet, lifestyle, time-management and also chastity of a woman. Just like if you say to a child, eat your kale, its very good for you, they will protest to have the fried doughnut. Are you going to let them have the doughnut? No, if you really love them, you want what is best for them, not what is going to make them happy for the time being. Chastity is the same way. You must give a girl/woman what is best for them, not what satisfies their senses short-term. You will save a girl/woman from so much anxiety, disease and embarrassment if you give her the gift of chastity. Parents and other leaders in society must understand the importance of chastity, so all the young females can be protected. They will in turn come to understand slowly, dispute all the opposing forces in their lives, that it is something to be protected, as much as you would protect your most precious treasure house.

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Chastity- why it’s important

Being chaste keeps you young, innocent and free from mental agony. You are pure, sinless and don’t have negative feelings about life for the most part. If you can remember when you were a child and did not have so many anxieties or depressed feelings. That is how we can be in this whole life if we are chaste. Many women in this world are full of dissatisfaction b/c they have been through so many boyfriends/lovers. Their whole perspective is that, ‘oh, it doesn’t matter if I get in so many relationships b/c I must find the right guy, shop around.’ But this leads to even more hard hardiness of a woman’s heart. She becomes jaded and holds a grudge inside of her that is hard to break. In fact, women become indifferent to their emotions, leading to just covering up their sadness with a new lover. This is not healthy either physically, mentally or spiritually. Physically women are much more sensitive then men. If she is involved with so many men in her life, she has more chance of damaging her ultra-sensitive reproductive organs. Mentally, a women can not easily forget her lovers b/c she emotionally gives so much. It is apart of a woman’s natural physiology to be more dependent than a man emotionally. And finally spiritually, a women damages her relationship with God, because she is acting sinful. Acting against God’s natural law that every women has a clean, safe, chaste life with one man whom she marries for life.

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Hello world!

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